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Welcome to KRK!

KRK (pronounced ‘cork’) EBBS system is a digital corkboard for businesses that allows employees to communicate with each other, management to communicate with all employees, and event scheduling. Check out the information below to see more details on how KRK can help your business!

Post Feed For Users!

Users can post messages, as well as like and reply to messages other users’ post. Messages are segregated to departments, so it is as if each department has their own personal KRKBoard! Supervisors for that department can prioritize messages so they remain at the top of the message timeline, and site-wide supervisors can send messages to any department as well as pin sitewide messages to the top of the timeline!

Event Calendar For All!

KRK comes with an event calendar for your staff! Events can be created as far in advance as you like and can be set to only be displayed for a single department or the entire site! Sometimes your users do not need to know about an event or project happening in another department, so no need to clutter up their event calendar.

Easy User Management!

User management is KRK is simple. Users register their account, supervisors set their department as well as their access levels, and that is it! Users can upload their own profile pictures and set their own biographies. Supervisors and managers can of course edit anything necessary!

Try KRK Out!

Would you like to take KRK for a spin? Please try out the demo site by clicking the buttons below or the buttons on the top menu! You can either create your own account, which will default to give you the view of a front-line worker at our fictional restaurant, MgRonald's. If you don't want to go through all that trouble, you can use the demo account that is already set up. User name is 'testuser' and the password is 'mytestaccount' (without the quotes).

KRK For Your Biz!

Would you like to have your own KRK Employee Bulletin Board System? Well, then you will have to hire me as a web developer and have me build it for you! KRK isn't sold as SaaS right now (but who knows what the future might hold). You can look into having me, Erin Winking, as an employee by checking out my profile, GitHub, or emailing me!